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If your business is involved in the import or export of goods, we would strongly recommend you consider marine cargo cover.

Cargo insurance covers all risks of physical loss of or damage to goods during transit, imports, exports and domestic carriage, including any incidental storage.

The policy will cover transit by land, sea and air, and all approved modes of transport.

We have numerous years’ experience arranging bespoke insurance solutions for general haulage, marine cargo and other distribution companies, ensuring goods or commodities traded both  domestically and internationally are appropriately protected.

Policy features can include:

  • Loss or damage of goods whilst in transit
  • Loss or damage to goods whilst being loaded or unloaded
  • Theft and pilferage of goods
  • Incidents relating to the ship including sinking, capsizing, being grounded or colliding with another ship
  • Incidents relating to truck and train including overturning, road accident, derailment
  • Total loss of any package lost overboard or dropped whilst loading on to, or unloading from, vessel or craft.
  • Storage outside the standard course of transit can be added as an extension to the policy where both purchases and sales are covered.
  • Shortage or non-delivery of goods.
  • Terrorism cover can only be given during transit
  • War risks cover can only be offered during sea or air carriage

We can advise on the level of cover you need to have in place, based on the requirements of your business. We will ensure that the insurance policy conditions match the trading conditions of your contract and the liabilities imposed on your business.

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